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5 Things Homeowners Miss Prepping a Kitchen For Photography

Five years ago, it was normal to walk into a home for a photography appointment, only to find the "cleaning process" still underway. Today, homeowners and agents are doing a fantastic job getting homes prepared for pictures and video. But there are a few areas that "hide" sometimes, and deserve a little extra attention - especially in the kitchen.

Our most popular package, the Platinum, includes detail photos. The best place for these is often the kitchen. By paying particular attention to some of these additional areas, the kitchen will be ready to show its best, even in the most detailed photo. These include:


Sinks should always be empty, but be sure to wipe them down, and dry them. This will eliminate water spots. A nice final touch is a quick pass with some window cleaner and a dry towel.


While you're at the sink, give the faucet a good cleaning. Glass cleaner is a must here, especially if the sink is at a window. Window light highlights water spots, and can make a wonderful expensive faucet look grimy.


Fridge tops are notorious for catching little used small appliances, flower arrangements, or baskets full of loose items. Remove these for a clean look, and to showcase cabinet storage above.


Cabinet fronts should be wiped down, even if they look clean. Cameras are great at picking up dried dirt on doors and drawers, which can be extremely frustrating for a realtor who wants to highlight fancy cabinets in their marketing. Have the homeowner pay particular attention to wiping everything down, and drying with a clean cloth after.


Like refrigerator tops, kitchen windows, especially above sinks, capture all sorts of small items, from brushes to small plants to 1st grade art projects. Unless the area has been styled with selected items, we recommend clearing window sills, and wiping them down.

These tips will help your photographer grab great detail shots in the kitchen, free from unsightly dirt and grime.

Until next time - Have a great day!

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