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Packages and Bookings


Lead with Unique Marketing that Works

  • 3D Tours and Videos

  • Real Time Linking for Ecommerce

  • Flexible Hosting Plans

  • HiRes Interior Photography

  • Exterior Photography 

  • Drone Photography

  • Floor Plans

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Sell that Home Quickly and Profitably

  • 3D Tours and Videos

  • Life of Listing Hosting

  • HiRes Interior Photography

  • Exterior Photography w/Blue Sky Guarantee

  • Drone Photography

  • Floor Plans

  • 24 Hour Turnaround

  • Optimized for MLS

  • Delivery Via Google Drive


Watch Your Rental Income Soar

  • 3D Interior Tour withYearly Hosting Plans (1st yr included

  • HiRes Interior Photography

  • Exterior Photography w/Blue Sky Guarantee

  • No Photo Licensing Fees

  • Delivery via Google Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

(The following information serves as our terms and conditions.)

How long does it take you to deliver photos?

Photos are delivered by the next business day. Videos and 3D tours may take two business days, depending on the complexity of the property. In these instances, we will get assets to you as soon as they become available.

How do I pay?

We accept major credit cards and electronic checks. No paper checks, please.

How do you bill me?

You will receive an invoice via quickbooks. Following payment, media links will be sent to your attention.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We have business, liability and flight insurance with the Hartford. Certificates of insurance are available upon request.

Do you have a Supra Key?

We do.

What usage rights do I have to the media you produce?

We keep this simple. You are free to use our images to advertise the listed property on MLS, in print, and online, and your partners are welcome to re-share your postings on social media. You are also welcome to use the images on your personal or business website. The copyright remains with Portico - all we ask is that you not resell photos, or provide them to third parties for their commercial use. This would include builders, designers, or other parties who are interested. Put them in contact with us, and we will get them taken care of - it’s a great chance for us to build a new relationship.

Do you have a drone license?

We do. Ours is the most current, called the Part 107 UAS certificate.

Can you take drone photos anywhere?

No. There are designated areas where flights are prohibited or restricted. Additionally, weather conditions and objects in airspace may limit or curtail our ability to fly. If we cannot fly for some reason, you will not be charged for the service

What if the weather is ugly?

We shoot rain or shine. If weather is overcast, we add blue skies to you exterior photos at no additional charge.

How long are your 3D products hosted?

Our Residential Real Estate tours feature "Life of Listing" hosting. Once your listing is live, your tour will be hosted until the home sells or is removed from the market. Note that the tour links will expire should the home come off the market for any reason. There is a $100 charge for reviving a tour when re-listing a home.


Air BNB and Commercial tours are hosted on a subscription model, charged at $100 / year. 6 months of hosting are included with the initial purchase of the tour.

How do I schedule with you?

You can schedule oline with the “Book Now” tab above.  If you prefer, you can call or text us at 502-314-4733

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